A Response from the Embassy of Sudan

"I salute father Nadim Nassar and appreciate his goodwill and references to interfaith dialogue. I have taken part in such a dialogue and found it most stimulating. His honest reference to the history of Apostasy in Christianity demonstrates his intellectual integrity.

"What I find surprising and disappointing is his assumption that we are not aware of the significance of the quotations he cites. Actually, there is a vibrant debate among our theologians about apostasy. I draw his attention to the writings of Tariq AlSuwaidan.There are earlier examples.

"On the other hand;the current wave of interest in the preliminary sentence by a first court is not the result of any goodwill comparable to that displayed by father Nadim Nassar. Most have seized an opportunity to undermine our country and bury other news (like the anniversary of the Nakba or Nigeria's thanking of our country for arresting and handing over a wanted suspected Muslim terrorist).

"We chose not to write a press release about the case of Ms Ibrahim; because there is a court case in progress and it would be inappropriate to comment before a final verdict is reached. We have a highly respected and competent legal system. The human rights of all Sudanese are in safe hands. If father Nassar visited our national Museum, he would see how we are preserving our Christian heritage. Our interim constitution stipulates that we are a multiracial multi-religious country."

Dr Khalid Al-Mubarak
Media Counsellor at the Embassy of Sudan in London

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