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We must go beyond what is happening in the corridors of power and try to listen to the people of Syria who are staring towards Geneva, their only hope for an end to their tragedy. Regardless of its outcome, the Geneva II Conference remains in all measures a truly historical event because for the first time in the modern history of Syria, leaders from different, even opposite, political directions sit around the table of dialogue. We should not in any way underestimate the importance of this initiative and its consequences.

After almost three years of horrific bloodshed, more than a hundred and fifty thousand people dead, and very complicated negotiations, people representing the regime of Assad and different factions of the opposition have agreed to meet in the presence of international observers to start the political process to end the conflict that has torn the country and its people apart and created one of the worst human catastrophes since the end of the Second World War.

During the last two years, Muslim fanatics in Syria revealed the ugliest and most barbaric face of religion that humanity could ever encounter. They proved that the corruption of the best is the worst and the corruption of religion can be demonic. Those evil Jihadists are no different than the Mongol Hordes that invaded the East spreading terror and wreaking destruction on everything that had to do with civilisation. We are witnessing and experiencing in the Middle East an invasion of a similar mentality but this time in the name of religion. The time is now that every civilised human being should stand up to this evil, an evil which is supported sometimes in Syria by the governments of the civilised western countries - much against the will of their own people. We need to stand up to the double standard that many governments in the West, including our government here in the UK, are showing. On one hand they declare war against terror and terrorist organisations like Al-Qaida and on the other hand they turn a blind eye when they know that their anti-Assad allies are using Jihadist organisations. The West has turned a blind eye to the Jihadists pouring into Syria only because they went to fight the Assad Regime – the motto appears to be ‘an enemy of my enemy is my friend’.

People around the world must realise that those Jihadists who are spreading horror and despair all over the Middle East are not only the problem of the Middle East but rather the whole world because when they finish poisoning one region they move to another.

This imbalance is reflected in how the media reports on the conflict in Syria. We see the media reporting many of the atrocities that the Assad regime has committed - which are awful and shameful - but no one reports that by supporting the opposition military forces, the Western allies have committed even worse attrocities and much uglier tortures and crimes.

As the international conference works in Geneva to find a solution for the conflict that is destroying the cradle of civilisation, the world must make sure that the Syrian people in this conference have their best chance in the peace process. But this will not be the end of the violence: those thousands of Jihadists fighting in Syria still remain the biggest challenge that both sides in the peace process have to deal with. Once the war ends, the Jihadists will not meekly pack up their belongings and leave; they are not under the command of the opposition. They are there to die or to establish an Islamic state, and no peace process could satisfy them.

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