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Harvest June 2017

September 2016
  • Welcoming our Royal Patron
  • Delegation to Lebanon
  • Training Sunday School Teachers in Syria
  • Introducing PAX
  • Awareness in North America
Harvest June 2017

Ambassadors for Peace 2016

September 2016
  • About Ambassadors for Peace
  • Ambassadors for Peace: Iraq
  • Our Ambassadors Celebrate Peace Day
  • Ambassadors for Peace: Syria
Ambassadors for Peace

Little Heroes 2016

September 2016
  • About the "Little Heroes"
  • Little Heroes in Lattakia
  • Little Heroes in Safita
  • Little Heroes in As-Suwayda
Little Heroes

Little Heroes 2016

September 2016
  • About the "Little Heroes" (Huda Nassar)
  • Little Heroes in Lattakia (Huda Nassar)
  • Little Heroes in Safita (Huda Nassar)
  • Little Heroes in As-Suwayda (Huda Nassar)
Little heroes Harvest

Building Peace in Syria & Iraq

May 2016
  • Helping Displaced Children (Huda Nassar)
  • Young Peacemakers in Syria and Iraq (Huda Nassar)
  • Hong Kong & USA trips (Nadim Nassar)
  • Nadim dines with the Queen

Awareness in Iraq

November 2015
  • Leadership Training in Iraq (Huda Nassar)
  • Visiting Two Holy Cities of Iraq (Nadim Nassar)

Children's Summer School

September 2015
  • Helping Syria's Displaced Children (Huda Nassar)

Syria and Iraq Update

April 2015
  • Ambassadors of Peace
  • Training Young Syrian Christians...
  • Planting Seeds of Love and Hope
  • Our Summer Programme 2015

Christmas Issue

December 2014
  • A Christmas Message (Nadim Nassar)
  • Helping Christians in the Middle East (Huda Nassar)
  • Celebrating Awareness
  • Our new Chair of Trustees
  • Supporting Education in Syria

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