Royal Patron HRH The Countess of Wessex GCVO

Nadim in America 2016

In March 2016, Nadim travelled to Grand Rapids [Michigan], to give the keynote speech at The Leaders’ Conference for Lifelink Churches USA. Our friends in Lifelink, both in the US and in the UK, have been wonderful and generous supporters of the Foundation since our early days. For instance, they were among the very first churches in the world to offer the Awareness Course, and our relationship with them is an absolute blessing for us.


(Left to right: Liberty Christian Church, Lansing; Lifelink Church leaders in Chicago; Main St Church, St. Louis)

While in Michigan, Nadim also had the opportunity to speak at Liberty Christian Church in Lansing. But word of his trip had spread, and over the course of 18 days Nadim was invited to speak at venues across 7 states. Nadim went to Chicago [Illinois] for two days to meet with ministers and elders of Lifelink-affiliated churches as well as in St. John [Indiana], before flying to St. Louis [Missouri] to speak to church leaders there.

From Missouri he flew down to Atlanta [Georgia] for four days, before travelling on to Philadelphia [Pennsylvania] for a fundraising event hosted by the Rotary Club and Travelhaus, organised by Suzi Berry and Amin Al-Laty, and to talk to even more churches!


(Left to right: Blooming Glen Mennonite Church, Penssylvania; Nadim with the organisers of the fundraising event in Philadelphia; Nadim makes the papers!)

Wherever he travelled, Nadim spoke about the situation in his beloved homeland Syria and he shared the wonderful news of our work with the young people of Syria and Iraq to train them to be Ambassadors for Peace, and he spoke strongly on the need for religions to find a path of understanding and respect so that they can work together for all humanity. He was greatly moved by the intense interest in our work, and the great concern showed for the people of Syria by all he met on this journey.

We should like to thank Lifelink Churches for making Nadim’s visit to the United States possible, and for their constant outflowing of love and support for us and our ministry.